Buildings constructed from steel are incredibly strong and have been gaining in popularity the last few years. Steel can be recycled making it environmentally friendly and is less costly and goes up faster than their wood counterparts. One pioneering way to build with steel is to use pre-engineered kits. The steel come pre-drilled and beams are already welded together making construction a breeze. The parts are simply bolted together and the cost is up to 50 percent less than traditional construction.

Of course, not all steel is created equal. While you can construct a bigger building with cheap steel, it is best to go with quality. Going with a cheaper alternative might sound great at first, but it will likely cost more over the long term in needed repairs. You can always add on later. A popular choice is to use high quality steel I-Beam framed buildings. These buildings are commonly used in self-storage, sports complexes and university construction.

Most heating and ventilation systems can easily be adapted to the simple metal buildings structure and are easier to install than in wood buildings. The upside is that these systems require fewer materials and take less time to install than in wood buildings making it cost effective. In other words, it costs less and takes less time to erect a metal building than a similar size wood structure.

Once the building is complete and furnished it is hard to know you are in a metal building. Another benefit of going with a metal building is they are very energy efficient. The savings are significant when compared to wood structures of similar size. In addition, today’s steel buildings are coated with rust resistant paint designed to effectively fight off the elements. This gives many years, and perhaps decades of repair free years compared to other materials that cannot stand up. Indeed, many steel buildings last a lifetime.

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The cost savings of the modular design can start to be seen at only 80 feet of width. The greater the width of the structure the greater the savings you can gain over manufactured buildings. That said modular buildings are great for large factories and other huge steel construction.

An interesting fact regarding steel buildings is their portability. Since these buildings last so long they can easily be transported to another location if the need should arise. They are easily compacted for shipping. The technology of steel buildings has improved so much they can now be purchased as kits. Beams arrive pre-drilled and pre-welded right from the factory. These kits allow you to get a business up and running fast and at less cost than traditional buildings, and the steel structure will last much longer than its wood counterpart.